Location for photography East London

Hi. This is my first blog. I have to be honest, i am not very good with writing or expressing myself. But thought i could update with something you are all wondering about.

Often in messages people ask me what is your favourite location? Where are all the pictures taken? Can you suggest us a location where we could do our photo session?

Probably i will not surprise you. Or maybe will surprise someone. This place is practically on my door step. Just a little walk from Forest Gate station. This place is Wanstead Flats park. 


Wanstead flats golden hour summertime

Wanstead flats golden hour summertime

From shrubbery  to forest trees until golden grass beauty. From foggy and frosty mornings to sun laid evenings. 

Here is everything for perfect location photo session. On every day rush we often walk past and forget about the beauty nearby. I truly want to suggest you to get a day off and go and explore beauty nearby. And I hope you will see the same eye as i see it every day. Truly stunning location all year round. 

And who know - maybe it is time to book a family or children photo session in this fabulous location? Save the memories in beautiful surroundings nearby. Sometimes we don't need to go far. Just right here - a beautiful pictorial place on our door step.

Also - i would love to remain everyone that to keep this beautiful location clean and tidy there is organised Wanstead Flats litter pick up this Sunday - 29th January 11 - 12.30. It is a good reason to get out of the house, place those wellies on and work together with community.  And all on all - free hot drink provided. A good activity for all family!