My first wedding photography experience!

I was asked to do wedding photography quite a few times. I always said no ,because i did not had experience, knowledge and i only been to wedding once in my life. I was worried to fail, as its a day "once in a lifetime".
When Veronika messaged me - i was nervous and excited at the same time. Part of me screamed no, but i listened to my heart that said quiet yes. 
And so we agreed that i will be Veronikas and Gergely wedding photographer. The pressure was real.
As we live 230 miles apart, we only could talk through social media. 
Day before i travelled to Kendal,to meet Veronika and Gergely to discuss last couple details before the big day.
Next morning I literally woke up at 6.
Imagination, expectations and the big day was here. Probably i was even more worried than the bride. 
Veronika welcomed me with warm hugs and smile on hers lips. She showed me hers beautiful dress and so preparing began. 
Hair and make up done, was the time to get ready for ceremony. By this part of the day , we were so much closer than a photographer and a client, i thought i knew Veronika for years already. She trusted me as we spoke.

Church was very quiet.Suspense. Everyone was waiting for the bride. So did i! I cant disappoint my beautiful bride. Gergely was eager to see his beautiful wife to be. And so the ceremony went on. 
It was beautiful, very lovely ceremony translated in both - English and Hungarian. The rings were exchanged and she said YES!

After ceremony we headed to another beautiful place - Carus green golf club where the party began. Since the first dance the floor was hot for the most time. Heel banging, laughter, squees and fun! I genuinely loved the atmosphere . This wedding might not be the biggest, but everyone was so welcoming and lovely. 
Party went on till the midnight, till the last dance…

And now on the train back... i am really thinking how i did. Whether i will meet all the expectations? As Veronika was such a lovely bride and now a wife! 
This was my first journey in the wedding photography, hopefully following more soon. I may have loads to learn, but Veronika opened doors to another world that i want to explore.

Thank you so much for the lovely experience i will never forget. You were my first bride to capture and you did so well having all the issues you had on the wedding day.l

With my biggest heart i wish you both happy marriage and love forever.


Boldog Hàzas Èveket!


Cake smash session with fun in your environment!

Is your little one turning one soon? Are you still thinking about how to celebrate the first birthday? 

Little ones probably don't remember much of their birthdays, so i rather think the best way to celebrate is them to have some fun and happiness in their first or second birthday. Cake smash photo session is a great example. And all the memories gets captured in beautiful pictures to treasure forever. 

Me and my family look back to pictures very often.Children grow up so quickly and changes so fast. We are still looking back at my daughters cake smash and all the funny faces ,just make my heart melt.

Did you know that cake smash session can be organised in your house? I am mobile - East London Photographer, i can bring all the accessories, outfits, backgrounds and lights to your house and we can celebrate your little ones birthday in fun! Usually its great excitement for all the family - there is always laugh, smiles, dirty noses and sticky hands. And that all gets washed away in our splash part, where bubbly bath and warm towel afterwards is provided.

In cake smash session we also take few portraits and sibling/ family portrait too.

Don't worry if you think your house is too small to have the fun. You can book the session within my little cozy house studio too. 

Cake smash sessions can be used not only for first birthday, but second, third or even if you are up for something fun, why not to celebrate 20th,30th, or 40th birthday in this way? 


I want you to have a look in one of the galleries i created recently, and if you are still thinking, don't think twice, book your session now!

Location for photography East London

Hi. This is my first blog. I have to be honest, i am not very good with writing or expressing myself. But thought i could update with something you are all wondering about.

Often in messages people ask me what is your favourite location? Where are all the pictures taken? Can you suggest us a location where we could do our photo session?

Probably i will not surprise you. Or maybe will surprise someone. This place is practically on my door step. Just a little walk from Forest Gate station. This place is Wanstead Flats park. 


Wanstead flats golden hour summertime

Wanstead flats golden hour summertime

From shrubbery  to forest trees until golden grass beauty. From foggy and frosty mornings to sun laid evenings. 

Here is everything for perfect location photo session. On every day rush we often walk past and forget about the beauty nearby. I truly want to suggest you to get a day off and go and explore beauty nearby. And I hope you will see the same eye as i see it every day. Truly stunning location all year round. 

And who know - maybe it is time to book a family or children photo session in this fabulous location? Save the memories in beautiful surroundings nearby. Sometimes we don't need to go far. Just right here - a beautiful pictorial place on our door step.

Also - i would love to remain everyone that to keep this beautiful location clean and tidy there is organised Wanstead Flats litter pick up this Sunday - 29th January 11 - 12.30. It is a good reason to get out of the house, place those wellies on and work together with community.  And all on all - free hot drink provided. A good activity for all family!